Requirements for Making iDONT Likeable

A project log for iDONT (Internet Doorbell ON/off Trigger)

iDon't as in I don't want my doorbell to ring.

David SpindenDavid Spinden 03/23/2017 at 01:490 Comments

So my wife has been putting a note by the doorbell "please knock, sleeping babies." Simple, effective, but I think we can do better.

What would be helpful in an Doorbell disabler device?

  1. Ease of use. Sure, it can be Internet enabled, but if it requires a big software setup and registration it is not easy to use. The software should also be simple. If the hardware takes a professional to install the physical device, it is too difficult to use.
  2. The device and software should not require a lot of attention. Charging a battery every few days is too much. I would like at least a month, if not AC powered to be always on.
  3. A "snooze" feature where the doorbell can be disabled for one to four hours and then automatically enabled again.
  4. A log feature if any doorbells rings occur while disabled.
  5. A "route to phone" feature that alerts a phone instead of the doorbell.
  6. Not expensive or power hungry.
  7. Open source!

Anything else? I am sure that I will be adding more as I think of it.