Design Considerations

A project log for Meowchware: Dangerous Wearables

Like a nerd bug zapper, the Meowchware Arc Choker is both attractive and dangerous. 03/24/2017 at 02:590 Comments

Placement of Components

A high voltage arc generator and LiPo batteries weigh quite a bit. This may lead to a redesign based on these components occupying a front-and-center location rather than the original idea of a rearward location. To accomodate this new location, instead of trying to hide the components, perhaps they should be a focal point.

*edit 2017/04/27*

Perhaps these heavier components could hang from the back of the choker. Some trial and error concerning balance, comfort and general wearability will be necessary.

Electrode Profile

The electrode profile described by the first rendering is not going to be the way things go down. Using a highly insulative 'fabric' to build the choker part, the electrodes could be surface or just above surface mounted. This would keep them from getting caught up in hair, clothing or piercings :0