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A project log for Mostly Printed CNC Build

This is a build log for the Vicious Circle MPCNC machine 04/09/2017 at 02:540 Comments

Printing the parts for this project was an exercise in faith and patience. Faith that once finished, I would end up with a workable project and that all my parts would be dimensionally accurate (enough). Patience, not just mine, but my family who by now have just about tuned out the printer noise. Just about. A total print time of over 100 hours; it only seemed like 99 hours! How time flies...

Due to some epic fails (almost all mine, my Printrbot is basically flawless if used as prescribed) the amount of PLA needed was almost, or maybe a little over, 2 kg. Thats a lot.

This pictures was taken when I had almost all the parts printed. Sorry no banana for scale, but some of these parts were 130mm in Z.

One of the issues I had post-print was that to be 100% sure that the print would stick to the print bed, I squashed the first layer just a little too much, leaving a (sharp) ledge around the parts and in all the holes. Annoying.

Another was using my Printrbot filament hanger-thing on top of the Z axis/alu handle; if you don't watch it or block it, the reel carrying the filament can interfere with the Z/Y bearing block causing (my) tears.