Wiring the steppers

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This is a build log for the Vicious Circle MPCNC machine 08/31/2017 at 21:050 Comments

I thought setting the current limit was confusing...

The X and Y axis use two stepper motors each. So the first thing I had to figure out was 'series or parallel'. The original assembly instructions said parallel was the way to go. Newer instruction says series. I went with series because, I learned, the current draw remains at the same level as if you were wiring one stepper.

Next, how do you reverse the direction of one of the steppers so they both travel the same direction? Can anyone tell me how reversing one of the coils in a stepper makes it go the opposite direction? I got really stuck on this. I felt like if the motor should be reversed, both coils should be reversed... 

I was wrong. Here is the picture I was working from. Clear, right?

We will see if what I did matches this in the next log.