The OmniWatch

A smartwatch, running on AsteroidOS, with the functionality of a real-life Omnitrix from Ben 10.

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The Omnitrix from Ben 10 is one heck of a 'smartwatch'. Sadly, it's fictional.
However, with what I propose, the world will be one step closer to experiencing The Omnitrix in action, except of course, the transformation part.....that's nigh impossible.
With the benefits from an open source OS, AsteroidOS, and the benefits of a smartwatch, you'll see what has never happened before.
Ben10 and The Omnitrix belong to Cartoon Network. This is fan product.

  1. Runs on a fork of AsteroidOS, called Galvan OS. (Source will be open as well.)
  2. Basic design similar to the following image
  3. Has a popup feature that activates the interface.

  • 1 × OLED display touch panel
  • 1 × IMUduino panel On kickstarter by femtoduino.
  • 1 × Custom crafted body

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Gabrielgatz2000 wrote 02/04/2021 at 04:26 point

have you made any progress with your Omni watch project and if so send me pictures please I would love to be a part of this 

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Gabrielgatz2000 wrote 02/04/2021 at 04:23 point

how far along have you come with your project and how can I be a part of it if possible 

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