SortME the Computer Vision Robot

A robot that uses OpenCV to track a wide variety of objects and shapes.

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SortME uses a beaglebone black and OpenCV for image processing. When the coordinates needed to move the robot are acquired, a corresponding character is sent to an arduino indicating a directions. When the character is received, the arduino moves the motors, using a motor shield, accordingly.
  • 1 × beaglebone black for image processing using OpenCV
  • 1 × arduino for direction character processing.
  • 1 × adafruit motor shield for motor control
  • 1 × USB hub to allow multiple USB inputs for the beaglebone black
  • 4 × sparkfun mecanum wheels

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Trevor Sherrard wrote 07/25/2014 at 05:34 point
Yeah, beaglebone blacks are awesome!

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