To fit the 7805 I took off the metal tab and bent the leads as if it were a surface mount part.

Surface mounted a dip switch, diode and 1/4W resistor as well.

The header pins where extra long ones I got somewhere which I then modified to have the black plastic spacer in the middle rather than at one end, so that I had access to them from either side. This allowed me to connect jumper cables or Scope probes, while attached to the bread board.

I added 2 rubber feet to the far end of the pick kit so that it would match the height of the dev. board when plugged into the Breadboard. This way it would not strain the pins of the ICSP.

This made building stuff so much easier as i could have several breadboards with different projects and just move the PIC from project to project.

To date, although I've moved on to commercial boards, and faster (but still 8 bit) PIC's (because I'm stubborn), this is my favorite prototyping board.