Hack'd Billy Bass Alexa and More...

Billy Bass hacked to move its mouth to audio, as well as an array of 13 of them that can have conversations with each other

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A Billy Bass hack'd to be the voice of Amazon Alexa. Then we made 13 more of them, and hooked 'em all up to a raspberry pi, so they can have conversations with each other. This was 2 separate projects.

Youtube video of one Alexa the Fish

YouTube video of a school of 5 Billy Bass talking to each other

The original Alexa Fish has an arduino, audio amp for the fish speaker, and mosfets to control the motors. All original Billy Bass brains were removed.

The school of Billy Bass do the same thing, but their audio comes from a raspberry pi rather than an Alexa. The raspberry pi routes audio to a particular fish, which determines for itself when to flap tha jaw

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