Iron Man Armor Mark 42

Using tech to make Iron man's armor.

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Ever wanted an Iron man suit? Well I have news for you. This project is to create the suit you all love. . This will have EDFs for flight, a Jarvis from Jasper, a self learning code, and many other databases. This will be capable of a 100 percent functional suit. If I need to finish it, I will need your vote.

The world gets darker as we know it. As more violence comes with 21st century criminals, justice needs a makeover. This can be used for anti-terrorism, keeping criminals in bound, military, and other protection ways. This uses state of the art tech to get rid of crime as quickly and efficiently as possible before something happens. This would be world changing, because governments on the verge of getting destroyed by crime and terrorist cells like Al-Queda and Isis will be controlled and eliminated. Crime will quickly get lower as those that see the suit get discouraged and those that don't or still want to fight faces it's wrath.

**Crime chart**

There can also be new forms of flight, weaponry, and an all new look at tech from this.

If not, this can also be used for science advancement. Also, I don't know if you realized this, but it's an Iron man suit. A frigging' iron man suit. C'mon guys.

It can even be used for medical purposes!

**Link to Github:**

Questions asked:

What is it exactly? It is an Iron man suit.

What are the practical uses for it? It is used for crime. It can also be used for medical emergency and scientific advancement.

How does it stop crime? It uses data like criminal records, backgrounds and other things like that to predict crime.

Who will use it? I don't know. A general maybe?

You're a 12 year old tryin to make something groups of scientists can't make. Why do you think this is possible? It all depends on how you look. Sometimes, the awnser is so simple, it is hidden in plain sight.

  • 1 × 3d printer
  • 1 × EVA plastic Blue
  • 2 × Arduino Uno A type of motherboard
  • 2 × Servos
  • 20 × Steel sheets You need a lot. A

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  • Quick update

    thekidtonystark07/24/2017 at 21:06 0 comments

    Just saying that I'm on vacation right now, but i' m working on some pretty big stuff. Also the suit is not dead. In fact, once vacation is done and I'm home and I find screws or something, I'll show you guys the laser torrent

    Be sure to tell me if you think lasers are best or if I should use an alternative into comments.

  • Sponsors (YAY!) + flight + repulsor

    thekidtonystark06/23/2017 at 15:35 0 comments

    Before I start, I just wanted to say sorry for not posting in a while. This stuff isn't child's play you know.

    Back to business. For the suit, I filled out a form online for a Sparkfun Sponsorship program. After I forgot about it in a while, I get this:

    For those unable to read the image, it basically says Sparkfun wants to give me a $200 hardware donation (with a $17 squeeze).

    At first, I was thinking of getting stuff for a HUD system, but I realized I had a lot of materials for HUD already, and the remaining would take up the sponsorship money. So, I decided to use it on weaponry, flight, the exo suit, the donning system, and Jarvis. Today, i'm supposed to give a list, so i'm making sure I put everything correctly.

    Flight is going well. I am working to see if I can add a liquid to make the electricity that comes into the Ion thrusters more electric (basically trying to double the power of electricity that comes in). This will allow the Ion propulsion to make more thrust from less electricity. A huge energy source will still be needed, so that's why i'm working on the arc reactor.

    The muon beams in short are not going so well. I will have to make a log or video on this, but basically in short, i'm having a hard time for getting the proton generator to work as it is like hell, and i'm trying to find out how the muon gas chambers will be set up.

    Jarvis will be put into the Raspberry Pi (not sure which model yet), and mixed with my coding + a really cool AI I found online called Jasper.

    If you want to see something in the suit or have suggestions, comment below.


  • Flight update + Energy + Weaponry and a side note

    thekidtonystark05/24/2017 at 19:14 0 comments

    Now for the last few weeks, I have been focusing on flight. After a while, I found this:

    Schubeler DS-215-DIA HST 195mm Carbon EDF Ducted Fan + Motor DSM10066-290

    This is Schubeler's 195mm carbon EDF. There's good news.

    The good news: It lifts 54 pounds per, which means I will only need about 12

    Bad news: One of these bad boys cost $1,818.24.

    Now that leaves me needing a hefty $21,818.24 to pay. Now since I was lucky enough to find stabilizing edfs, I only need 6 of these, leaving me around 10,000. Now I have two options here. I can either find a sponsor, or use the experimental flight engine plan which is being used on the repulsor and rig it up to lift the whole suit. As I said earlier, I will be using muon beams, and that is still a yes. Here's the only problem so far: proton injectors are needed. Now I know almost nothing about these, but I am gonna give it a shot anyways.

    I am really thinking of making something in the styles of this:

    Image result for iron man boot inside

    It seems pretty easy to make (the basic structure), might be able to open and close, be changeable for height, and really easy to change for flight. I' gonna buy some titanium alloy, steel and aluminum to see what I can do.

    Onto a different topic, ENERGY.

    Now let's be realistic here. The suit will take up a lot of energy. Now after reading how Iron man's arc reactor might work realistically, I decided that I would have to do a lot of thinking before I could even start planning. Now as the person I am, I decided to start planning anyways! I'm not gonna give out the blueprints until I think that the arc reactor will work.

    On a side note, i'm thinking of adding a 3d room scanner I found online then rigging it up to be smaller. I also want to try making the laser turrent, but that will be from scratch.

    Finally, we go to weaponry. Remember that shoulder missile? I'm still working in it, but so far, the hardest part has been making micro missiles. That's HARD. I am putting them around scrap kydex and putting in metallic sodium. I'm thinking of putting everything on a shoulder pad to check the look. I might want to start focusing on a HUD system sooner or later.

    Well, i'll continue working and start recording, but until later, see you.

    From me


  • Money count + Jarvis (New name needed) Quick updates

    thekidtonystark05/04/2017 at 14:36 0 comments

    After making a few sets of calculations, I now know how much I will need for a gauntlet.


    Missile launcher

    Servo (4): 8.28

    Pointometer (2): 3.00

    Blue LED (4): 4.48

    Red LED (4): 4.48

    Steel sheet (12x12): 5.78

    Arduino Mini: 5.17

    Mini Laser turrent

    Camera (small): 4.60

    Burning laser:1 23.50

    Non-burning laser (with driver): 10.06

    Servos (3): 6.21

    Arduino Mini: 5.17

    Exo suit:

    Pneumatic cylinder (2): 8.56

    Festo valve bank: 60.00

    Donning system:

    Servo (4): 8.28

    Arduino mini: 5.17


    Fan: Already owned

    RFID tags and all (5) : 50

    Titanium alloy (13.6 x 1.5): 6.00

    Total (basic price without Jarvis ( for one gauntlet) 218.74

    In other words, Jarvis is almost finished. He needs to get debugged and I need to get his learning fully functional. Finally, I need to get his servo connection running.

    I am going to see if I can get a few integrations into some apps, then get demo version for you guys. The final part will be getting it to be in 3d environment. Can't wait to show you guys!

    Do not expect an update in Saturday, because it's my birthday. I m also trying to fix the flight.

    Well, till later


  • A super quick update (funds + flying)

    thekidtonystark05/03/2017 at 19:03 0 comments

    This helps me get the money for the suit.

    In other news, I am using Ion propulsion for the feet. The only problem is that at 120 volts, the ion propulsor will only push a piece of paper. What I could really use is that arc reactor. Here's a quick thought. If 120 volts push paper and to push paper I need let's say 6 grams since 5 grams is the weight of average paper. If 1 gram is 453 grams and the paper is 204117 grams, let's do the math.

    Now for the energy needed:

    Now 54000 volts is a lot. A LOT. I will experiment with an energy source for now, and when finished, will show pics. I also plan on releasing some info on the rocket launcher later. I also will show how I am (attempt) making the muon beam and the generator

    Well until later


  • Shoulder launcher part 1

    thekidtonystark04/28/2017 at 00:31 0 comments

    Alright. So now that the rocket launcher is almost done, I am going to go on a few topics. The main topic is the shoulder launcher. The hardest part of this will not be the price, or the placement of servos. In fact, even the code is easier than this. What will be hard is getting the rockets to do what CGI did. In reality, making what the suit did is insane, due to what comes out of small space. Here is my plan.

    In the clip, two panels from the left and right go up and the shoulder missile home goes up in a swinging motion.

    Here is the code:

    String readString;
    #include <Servo.h> 
    Servo leftpanel, rightpanel, hookleft, hookright, cliphookupl, cliphookupr;  
    void setup() {
      //myservoa.writeMicroseconds(1500); //will do experimentation
    void loop() {
      if (Serial.available())  {
        char c =; 
        if (c == ',') {
          if (readString.length() >1) {
            int n = readString.toInt(); 
              Serial.print("writing Microseconds: ");
              if(readString.indexOf('1') >0) leftpanel.writeMicroseconds(n);
              if(readString.indexOf('2') >130) rightpanel.writeMicroseconds(n);
              if(readString.indexOf('3') >0) hookleft.writeMicroseconds(n);
              if(readString.indexOf('4') >0) hookright.writeMicroseconds(n);        
              if(readString.indexOf('5') >0) cliphookupl.writeMicroseconds(n); 
              if(readString.indexOf('6') >0) cliphookupr.writeMicroseconds(n);
              Serial.print("writing Angle: ");
              if(readString.indexOf('1') >130) leftpanel.write(n);
              if(readString.indexOf('2') >0) rihtpanel.write(n);
              if(readString.indexOf('3') >90) hookleft.write(n);
              if(readString.indexOf('4') >90) hookriht.write(n);         
              if(readString.indexOf('5') >90) cliphookupl.write(n);                 
              if(readString.indexOf('6') >90) cliphookupr.write(n);
        else {     
          readString += c; 
    Now obviously this a lot of work to go through before this can be put into the arduino mini, but here's a start. If anyone wants to edit and fix it, let me know.

    Here is a picture of the missile rocket housing and rocket.

    files easily found here:

    Now, I will start in this buildup.

  • Exo suit (quick update)

    thekidtonystark04/23/2017 at 11:59 0 comments

    Remember this from the last blog? If you didn't read the last blog, I suggest you do. If you did, keep reading. As I said earlier, this is a really good base for the suit, because it is flat, easily adaptable, and it is needed. To start everything off, let's start out with the gauntlet (forearm and bicep). I'm thinking of using pneumatic cylinders, and using some type of weight help in the bicep to shoulder piece. I'm trying to get a hold of this guy, so that I can talk to him about 3d files. I would then be able to get it into a format-able template to make it by hand, or just order it to be 3d printed, but I don't think it would be easy to scale for someone 6.2 (yeah im tall ). I may leave air vaults for each limb, instead of having one. This may take up space, but each limb will have extreme strength. Buying metal now.

    Just a quick update.

    From me


  • Forearm launcher part 6 + Flight + Exosuit + Repulsor

    thekidtonystark04/21/2017 at 21:02 0 comments

    I wasn't able to make a video, BUT I was able to get pictures. I will show some pictures of what I have so far.

    Spring system

    At this part is the spring system. This helps with weight management when the servo goes up.

    Here is the whole system. In this, you can see (From left to right) the rocket launcher, servo control, and an arduino mini on top of an arduino uno. The servo tester is the main control for the servos. The arduino mini allows the rocket to be launched only if the servo tester is a a specific angle range. The arduino uno will be connected to all sensors and weaponry on the arm, allowing Jarvis to take control. The rocket launcher now needs a cool cover and a launch system. I also may have a circular cover for the rocket home in the launcher part.

    Now as promised, we talk about repulsors. How do repulsors work?

    As they may have no actual explanation except gravity manipulation, there are muon beams. To make this, I will need two parts. A muon generator, and a muon beam generator. To explain all of this, I must explain what a muon is.

    A muon is an extremely energetic charged particle. It can not lose energy from Ionization. They can knock off loosely bound electrons. It has no simpler buildup, and is an unstable subatomic particle. With a mass 207 times of an electron, it is less accelerated at an electromagnet field. They do not give as much decelerating radiation (since it is not continuous {the radiation} I should be fine). This allows muons to go into matter far deeper.

    Now to a generator.

    This is only a design by the Mu2E experiment, so this is gonna take some thinking. Now I could go far deeper into this topic, but I need to move on.

    For an exosuit, I am using a design by Paul Dave Malla.

    This is what I may use for a base design, because it is flat, movable, and may be easy to change. Not only would I need an exosuit to help with the suit's weight, but I also need it to help me with flight. As @James Hobson said in his iron man flight videos, the force from the EDFs would be too much for me to control it. This leads me into a new topic: flight.

    I will only tell you this. I will need a lot of EDFs, but I can successfully put it in the suit. If I have 16 (24 pound) thrust, this can lift 384 pounds. These are only main engines, and do not count the support engines (there's 6 of them) in the suit. I will not be able to move easily without an exosuit.

    Well that's all for now.

    Until next time, your favorite 12 year old:


  • Forearm rocket launcher inside (Part 5)

    thekidtonystark04/21/2017 at 01:55 1 comment

    So after a month of work and making a design from scratch, I finally have a rocket launcher. Well, the inside of one. I plan on adding a few more things before adding a full fledged video. I want to have a system that will have the rocket launch only if the rocket launcher is up. Also, I want efficient flight for the rocket. If it backs up, I could have it explode in my arm. Kydex may protect me from the heat, but not all the shards. If it delays, it could have terrible results, and we wouldn't want this happening:

    After doing a little math, I made up a few equations. Here are a few.

    a = acceleration

    ^ = electrical energy

    W = Weight of the suit

    * = EDF energy

    F = Force

    Diamond = Electrical energy

    g = Gravity to fly

    d = aerodynamics

    S = Suit exterior build design

    F1 = Beginning flight F2 = Middle flight F3 = End flight

    Flight beginning:

    I have about 50 equations, but these are just some basics. They give some explanations onto flight patterns, energy use, and aerodynamics. This was originally for flight, but i realized I would be able to use this into the rocket.

    I am using an Estes C6-5 solid rocket engine. The engine has a 5 second delay, a thrust of 1.6 seconds, and has 3.4 pounds of thrust. It also has a total impulse of 10.00 seconds. the lift weight is 113 grams. The rocket will decrease over time. I put in some metallic sodium and gunpowder into the rocket cone. There are no fins. As @ActualDragon said, I may want to have Co2 engines.

    The engine launcher was hot-glued then sauntered together. I will make a video of it tomorrow. I still have an inadequate energy source. What I need now is protection. Without it, things can end up gory. Thankfully, kydex takes care of the heat. It will only become more bendable as it gets heated, and won't heat my hand. It also protects my arm. For fumes, I use a tube that directs the gases to another direction.

    I now make a cover for the armor. Luckily for me, I have money from potential sponsors. As this is once a month,

    I also am going to use this in a science fair brought by my school district. It is for middle school. I hope that I win. Last year, I made a 4ft humanoid robot. Maybe I can integrate it to the suit for a sentry system.

    In related news, I may have someone to help me code. Nowadays, kids are obsessed with Social Media, and I prefer to be different. Most of the kids think i'm crazy or lying. This is because they have not tried. I like thinking freely and without boundaries. By my luck, I actually found a friend of mine's who knew how to code like me, but never bothered mentioning it. I have another who will help in the assembly of the suit, because art is his element (I'm not good at art).

    In Monday I may spray paint. I will put in Jarvis (or what I have). If everything goes as planned, I should be talking about repulsors, but going a little into exosuits and flight. I also may give a video of the launcher being tested. Keep in mind I spent a month making something from CGI (said to be "impossible") into an actual, solid prototype. Go online and you probably won't see a setup like mine's.

    (I have to stop with the Iron man memes)

    If you want to see something, let me know.

    Thanks to everyone on Hackchat!

    Well, until next time.

    -From your favorite 12 year old


  • Making the shell template for the rocket launcher

    thekidtonystark04/14/2017 at 16:52 0 comments

    A quick video I put on. More detailed video of what I've done coming soon. Will show the rocket launcher inside.

    Will showcase rocket launcher inside in a while.

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