Iron Man Armor Mark 42

Using tech to make Iron man's armor.

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Ever wanted an Iron man suit? Well I have news for you. This project is to create the suit you all love. . This will have EDFs for flight, a Jarvis from Jasper, a self learning code, and many other databases. This will be capable of a 100 percent functional suit.

Those interested in helping and coders message me. Give me a backstory about your work tough (even if you have none).

I just like making stuff that seems impossible. Is there anything wrong with that?

Questions asked:

What is it exactly? It is an Iron man suit.

What are the practical uses for it? It is used for crime. It can also be used for medical emergency and scientific advancement.

How does it stop crime? It uses data like criminal records, backgrounds and other things like that to predict crime.

Who will use it? I don't know. A general maybe?

You're a 13 year old trying to make something groups of scientists can't make. Why do you think this is possible? It all depends on how you look. Sometimes, the answer is so simple, it is hidden in plain sight.

  • 1 × 3d printer
  • 1 × EVA plastic Blue
  • 2 × Arduino Uno A type of motherboard
  • 2 × Servos
  • 20 × Steel sheets You need a lot. A

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  • Iron man suit overview

    thekidtonystark15 hours ago 0 comments

    With energy, there are multiple things to look at when choosing materials. The main thing to look at for today is PSI and heat resistance. The material I choose will need a high level of both. This is due to the way the reactor works. After searching for what regular materials use, I went online and found out this

    “Materials currently in use or under consideration include:

    • Boron Barbide
    • Graphite
    • Carbon fibre composite
    • Beryllium
    • Tungsten
    • Molybdemun
    • Lithium

    Multi-layer tiles of several of these materials are also being considered and used, for example:

    • A thin molybdenum layer on graphite tiles.
    • A thin tungsten layer on graphite tiles.
    • A tungsten layer on top of a molybdenum layer on graphite tiles.
    • A boron carbide layer on top of CFC tiles.
    • A liquid lithium layer on graphite tiles.
    • A liquid lithium layer on top of a boron layer on graphite tiles.
    • A liquid lithium layer on tungsten-based solid PFC surfaces or diverters.

    Now although all these materials are good, I will either need to compress all of this or make the chest area from that. I may do both.

    For dissipation, a vacuum (a vacuumless space may take in the heat. How will this be done? It’s kinda hard to explain, but it should work good for now. The heat will basically be pushed into said space by a cooling system like a computer (just more powerful) directing heat to the vacuum.

    The main backup plan is to have multiple batteries around the suit and connect to where the arc reactor is. I can then pull the arc reactor out of the chest area and put into a hold at the back until further notice.

    Some materials I may use is single Chrystal titanium and ceramic for protection AND heat resistance, tungsten solely for heat resistance and steel for a base. My insides will be protected by multiple layers of metals and meta-metals. The padding will be temper foam which is used by astronauts and Carbon Fiber Nomex which is basically protective padding if used right.

    If a plastic is to be used, it will most likely be surrounded by metal and screwed into an electronic. This will thus unallow the pastic from damaging something and being functional.

    The flight system will work by ion thrusters. Although they are very simplistic and may allow flight, the need a lot of power, so I will NEED that arc reactor. To have the flight so well, i'll need to bass boost the Ion thruster with electricity or so be it i'll use antimatter engines :-)

    The exosuit will likely look something like a pack of small squares as that'll be nanobots, but that's a talk for a different day. There will also be the conventional pneumatic cylinder (which is basically something that uses air and a cylinder to increase in force.) but there will be a bit based on Pierre Bouchard

     This came out pretty good, but I will need to make some said adjustments in order to have one of these functioning at minimal space. I'll have some stuff 3d printed by a friend to do so. The exosuit will be powered VIA arc reactor and air valve bank (or air valve bank alternative where air is stored across multiple parts of the suit.  Before I go, I want                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Regular log

    thekidtonystarka day ago 0 comments

    iron man gauntlet more recent pictures #upgraded

    Be sure to follow the 2018 hack a day prize version of this and like to help fund me.

  • Quick Update (Arm pictures)

    thekidtonystark01/10/2018 at 12:29 0 comments

    Steel arms

  • Small teaser videoconferencing

    thekidtonystark01/03/2018 at 14:46 0 comments

    TURN ON captions

  • Update (Gauntlets, Jarvis and future plans)

    thekidtonystark12/13/2017 at 22:18 0 comments

    So the gauntlet is getting closer to being finished by the second and after quite a while, there's progress coming fast. I've been working on the gauntlet and there are currently three versions made. There's the gauntlet from a year ago, a now recycled gauntlet and this bad boy:

    In eh picture quality, there is currently both servos for the rocket launcher opening/closing system, two arduino pro minis (one for rocket launcher, one for gauntlet opening/closing system), a servo tester to test the rocket launcher hold and an opening to mark the sides without hinges. Mini pneumatic cylinders will be added to (hold) the gauntlet and as a cheap way to fix the gauntlet if I grow. There are 6 blue LEDS, 4 of which turn on with the gauntlet opened and two with the rocket launcher opening. Some things to be included once the basic neccesities are there is

    - Tungsten to protect metal from melting ( tungsten can withstand about 6,192°F or 3,422°C ).

    - Aerogel (maybe but it's kind of expensive) for heat dispertion

    -Enviornmental control

    -Penny-Sized nanobots for part replacement

    and all other typed of stuff

    The gauntlet is currently being given rfid tags, wire organization and other fixes.

    Then there's Jarvis. @Chati Aro Has been a huge help with Jarvis. Here's some functions so far: 

    FM = Feature Matching (Matches the features of a given image with a base image and displays the result)

    LD = Letter Detection 

    MD = Motion Detection (Detects any sort of motion infront of the camera

    PD = Pedestrian Detection (Can detect any person walking on streets.. Used an image from GTA as an output example)

    SD = Shape Detection

    Without @Chati Aro, this would not be possible.

    While videos are in production, i'm adding in some plans for circuits. Some people may remember this

    Well i'm taking the basic ideas of it and am trying to rig it up. Until I start putting in the advanced stuff, that's all for now.

    From a random guy


  • What i've been doing for the last 3 months (HUD, sponsors, rocket launcher and more)

    thekidtonystark09/20/2017 at 12:54 0 comments

    Beginning of month 1

    HUD creation Part 1

    SO, it is July and what I decided to do was start on a Heads-Up Display. I decided to look at what my fellow hackers at hackaday were doing. I found some projects, but they were either too big, too bulky, or didn’t work how I wanted it to. After a while of looking at instructables, YouTube and other sites, I decided to look at modern tech and how others were doing it. I looked at the hacksmith’s Heads up display for his exo suit, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for something DIY, when I saw Full sail’s HUD. I taught it was good, but the HoloLens was super expensive. That’s when I found an Arduino based augmented reality glasses that was easily makeable, small, not bulky, and light.

    Arduino Glass - Open Source Augmented Reality Headset

    Image from arumnag

    This was perfect. After a while of struggling I was looking at the Jarvis setup of someone known on Instagram as the_crazy_programmer_chatti, and I was wondering if I could use the setup in the HUD. Soon after, he answered my comment by saying he would be happy to do it. After getting a set of base designs and material, I wouldn’t see the HUD progress until the next month.

    Month 2 (August)

    HUD creation Part 2

    Now I started thinking about the HUD seriously. When I came into contact with Chattai, he said that there could actually be a real time 3d model with animations. As this interested me, I said okay. We decided that the HUD should be finished before that’s added, because that may take a while. As i’m the hardware guy, I sent him a list of all sensors that would be controlled. By doing that, he would know what function would go into a certain aspect.

    Here’s the list:

    Altimeter (Mark VII version) -  MPL3115A2 - I2C Barometric Pressure/Altitude/Temperature Sensor

    HUD diagnostic:

    EKG and EEG sensors aren’t needed, but just in case, look at this:

    There’s also one by a danny diefferender or something like that

    RT power- Don’t worry about this

    Core temp- Temperature sensor (arduino)

    Missiles sensors (there are 26 of them)- Temperature sensor. One less missile when the temp sensors go extremely high (leave a place for me to put a temperature). Also If you can connect it to a pushbutton so number of missiles can be added.

    Weapons sensor- (be creative as this is the mix of all 26 missiles, the 2 repulsors (everlasting), both sentries (lasts 5 shots), and the infamous arc reactor (one shot)

    Navigation- Same as altimeter

    Have 26 node indicators go up and down from 100 to 0. Those are for the missiles.

    Flight mode panel:

    Airframe thrusters: The rotational position of a 180 degree servo

    Vertical velocity sensor: Just put the rate of change in air pressure per 5 seconds.

    Warning panel: Basically if the pressure goes up to 80

    Accelerometer: MPL3115A2 - I2C Barometric Pressure/Altitude/Temperature Sensor

    Airbrake: The rate of change in altitude but when going down

    Targeting reticle:

    MPL3115A2 - I2C Barometric Pressure/Altitude/Temperature Sensor

    I don’t know how some aspects will be done like messaging, music, apps, ect. but he says that he has an idea. So as usual, i’ll trust him. I still have some parts to do in the HUD such as missile sensors, but the HUD is looking good so far. It’s based off of Jayse Hansen’s HUD, as he’s the one who did the HUD for iron man in several movies. Luckily for me, Jayse Hansen has given us the liberty of showing the breakdown of the HUD.

    Jayse 1.PNG

    *A picture of the HUD overall features*Jayse 2.PNG

    *A picture of probably the most important part in the HUD AKA the targeting reticle*

    Rocket Launcher Part 1 (Well it kinda covers 2 months)

    At first, I had three designs for the rocket launcher.

    Model A (an original based on Jairus Of All)

    Image result for iron man mark 42 forearm rocket launcher

    Model B (from Patrick Preibe)

    Image result for iron man mark 42 forearm rocket launcher patrick priebe

    Model C (from poot padee)

    Image result for iron man mark 42 forearm rocket launcher

    Model A was built for the mark 7 and had almost no relation the mark 42 look. Model B didn’t have the magic I was looking for. I saw model 3, and I taught it was perfect. Sleek, designer,...

    Read more »

  • Iron man rocket launcher FINAL build

    thekidtonystark08/18/2017 at 14:06 0 comments

    Here's the video I made saying how i'll make the final rocket launcher. Once done, I will not look at again unless it breaks or i'm making a new one. Vid below. Thinking of making a video explaining the Iron man arc reactor. Got a final plan on that as well with plasma, and may be able to make plasma repulsors!

  • Quick update

    thekidtonystark07/24/2017 at 21:06 0 comments

    Just saying that I'm on vacation right now, but i' m working on some pretty big stuff. Also the suit is not dead. In fact, once vacation is done and I'm home and I find screws or something, I'll show you guys the laser torrent

    Be sure to tell me if you think lasers are best or if I should use an alternative into comments.

  • Sponsors (YAY!) + flight + repulsor

    thekidtonystark06/23/2017 at 15:35 0 comments

    Before I start, I just wanted to say sorry for not posting in a while. This stuff isn't child's play you know.

    Back to business. For the suit, I filled out a form online for a Sparkfun Sponsorship program. After I forgot about it in a while, I get this:

    For those unable to read the image, it basically says Sparkfun wants to give me a $200 hardware donation (with a $17 squeeze).

    At first, I was thinking of getting stuff for a HUD system, but I realized I had a lot of materials for HUD already, and the remaining would take up the sponsorship money. So, I decided to use it on weaponry, flight, the exo suit, the donning system, and Jarvis. Today, i'm supposed to give a list, so i'm making sure I put everything correctly.

    Flight is going well. I am working to see if I can add a liquid to make the electricity that comes into the Ion thrusters more electric (basically trying to double the power of electricity that comes in). This will allow the Ion propulsion to make more thrust from less electricity. A huge energy source will still be needed, so that's why i'm working on the arc reactor.

    The muon beams in short are not going so well. I will have to make a log or video on this, but basically in short, i'm having a hard time for getting the proton generator to work as it is like hell, and i'm trying to find out how the muon gas chambers will be set up.

    Jarvis will be put into the Raspberry Pi (not sure which model yet), and mixed with my coding + a really cool AI I found online called Jasper.

    If you want to see something in the suit or have suggestions, comment below.


  • Flight update + Energy + Weaponry and a side note

    thekidtonystark05/24/2017 at 19:14 0 comments

    Now for the last few weeks, I have been focusing on flight. After a while, I found this:

    Schubeler DS-215-DIA HST 195mm Carbon EDF Ducted Fan + Motor DSM10066-290

    This is Schubeler's 195mm carbon EDF. There's good news.

    The good news: It lifts 54 pounds per, which means I will only need about 12

    Bad news: One of these bad boys cost $1,818.24.

    Now that leaves me needing a hefty $21,818.24 to pay. Now since I was lucky enough to find stabilizing edfs, I only need 6 of these, leaving me around 10,000. Now I have two options here. I can either find a sponsor, or use the experimental flight engine plan which is being used on the repulsor and rig it up to lift the whole suit. As I said earlier, I will be using muon beams, and that is still a yes. Here's the only problem so far: proton injectors are needed. Now I know almost nothing about these, but I am gonna give it a shot anyways.

    I am really thinking of making something in the styles of this:

    Image result for iron man boot inside

    It seems pretty easy to make (the basic structure), might be able to open and close, be changeable for height, and really easy to change for flight. I' gonna buy some titanium alloy, steel and aluminum to see what I can do.

    Onto a different topic, ENERGY.

    Now let's be realistic here. The suit will take up a lot of energy. Now after reading how Iron man's arc reactor might work realistically, I decided that I would have to do a lot of thinking before I could even start planning. Now as the person I am, I decided to start planning anyways! I'm not gonna give out the blueprints until I think that the arc reactor will work.

    On a side note, i'm thinking of adding a 3d room scanner I found online then rigging it up to be smaller. I also want to try making the laser turrent, but that will be from scratch.

    Finally, we go to weaponry. Remember that shoulder missile? I'm still working in it, but so far, the hardest part has been making micro missiles. That's HARD. I am putting them around scrap kydex and putting in metallic sodium. I'm thinking of putting everything on a shoulder pad to check the look. I might want to start focusing on a HUD system sooner or later.

    Well, i'll continue working and start recording, but until later, see you.

    From me


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TheGrim wrote 09/21/2017 at 18:33 point

Are you serious or is this some kind of strange joke that I don't get?

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thekidtonystark wrote 10/13/2017 at 23:47 point

tThis is real. There's no joke. Only hard work, determination and a lot of pizza. In fact I'm making a video now.

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thekidtonystark wrote 10/13/2017 at 23:52 point

Plus why did I put so many logs into a "joke"

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davedarko wrote 10/14/2017 at 02:24 point

As serious as a kid can be, imho.

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thekidtonystark wrote 04/05/2017 at 17:06 point

Well I did now.

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thekidtonystark wrote 03/31/2017 at 12:27 point

Hey you guysssss

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thekidtonystark wrote 03/31/2017 at 12:28 point

and gals

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 03/31/2017 at 18:48 point

Yes, women are under-represented here.

Hey I have an idea ! Make an IronGirl suit :-)

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thekidtonystark wrote 03/31/2017 at 19:24 point

I would make an iron girl suit, but all of the girls I know isn't interested in that. Plus, I have a hard time talking to girls.

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