Some possible additions for a possible deluxe version

A project log for EasyPWR

A small, easy to assemble board that makes use of old wall warts.

mcu_nerdmcu_nerd 03/24/2017 at 19:050 Comments

So far the little board has served me well in providing power to my various projects. I've been thinking about doing a deluxe version that could include.

Two voltage rails, 5V and 3V. A switching regulator could be used for for 5V. An LDO could be used for 3.3V and tied to the output of the 5V regulator, which would make it much more efficient vs using the voltage directly off of the wall wart, so heat dissipation is less of an issue.

A power indicator LED for one or both rails.

Reverse-polarity input protection

Reverse polarity protection (probably using a p channel MOSFET)