DIY: Intro to HA, IoT, & Smart Things

Idea: What if you could build it yourself? With the software, hardware & service tech. available today you can build all sorts of things.

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Not actually a project, but rather a presentation I did for (TCF). This material may become a set of classes at the makerspace IXR in Wall, NJ.

DIY with instructions. What if you could build it yourself? We all find ourselves wanting that particular device to that one task. With the open software, hardware and services technology available today. You can build all sorts of interesting devices and services that can leverage real and virtual devices. I'll introduce you to what's available in hardware and software for us to play with. Of course hopefully not all at once.

This was from a Home Automation presentation I do almost every year. For 2017 I wanted something working and Wireless. So with a Pi, a could of Sonoff devices (ESP8266 boards), a 3v3 usb serial interface (promamer) interface and a WiFi router.

I'm working on getting everything added here I'll add a link to the Sonoff-Tasmota. There are several support libraries that need to be added(as well as the ESP8266 env.)

Unlike many other projects, I actually have this working.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 3
  • 1 × SD Card 16G
  • 1 × USB Power supply For Raspberry Pi, 2A min
  • 1 × USB drive (optional)
  • 1 × Sonoff Basic

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    Step 1

    Yes I'm working on this: Instructions (in progress)

    I'll start copying that over in a step by step manner. Hopefully this will allow me to get everything and in the correct order.

    Step one: Setting up you Pi

    This is a pretty good starting place to start setting up your Pi:

    Headless Raspberry Pi Setup with Raspbian Jessie

    When I setup my Pi I hadn't found this but he's solved the issue of starting SSH up as it's now disabled by default. You'll need your PC, an SD card reader, and the SD card (large enough to load the Raspian image).

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