Open Hardware scanning laser rangefinder

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This is simple enough open source scanning laser rangefinder. It is using triangulation method.

It is based on my previous Lidar projects: ( and earlier lidar versions (in Russian):
Now I want to build really simple and cheap Lidar.

Estimated Lidar parameters:

5 scans/second;

360 measurements per rotation (1 deg angle resolution);

Maximum distance - 4 m;

Accuracy - 3 cm at 2 m, 6-8 cm at 4 m.

I suppose that all needed parts price will be near $35.

  • 1 × TSL1401 Sensors / Image
  • 1 × Slip Ring Used to pass power and signals to rotating scanning head.
  • 1 × Main PCB PCB with most electronics parts
  • 1 × Lens M12 lens, f'=16mm
  • 1 × M12 Lens holder Standard M12 plastic leans holder

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  • Small model update

    iliasam03/30/2017 at 19:12 0 comments

    Now I found suitable encoder sensor for my Lidar - it is RPI-352. It can be bought at or

    I have added encoder ring to the model. I think that this ring must be metallic and have 15 drilled holes for light from sensor.

    Encoder is important part of Lidar, it used to detect zero angle crossing and for rotation speed calculation.

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