New set of plants and an easy way to integrate MoRaLiS into a nursery box

A project log for MoRaLiS: Modular Rail Lighting System

A very affordable lighting system that can be used as efficient grow lights for indoor plants and customizable ambient lighting.

timonskutimonsku 10/15/2017 at 16:590 Comments

I planted a few new seeds to test out the effectiveness of the final modules. I'm also experimenting with simple laser cut carboard shades to decrease the amount of stray light.

Vector file for laser cut shade.
Images of installed shades will follow soon. Usually you probably don't want a 4 sides shade but 2 or 3 sided one, 2 sided ones for modules that are located in the middle and 3 sided ones for the two on the outside. Four sided ones only really make sense when you space the module very far apart.

I installed a MoRaLiS set into an Ikea Växer nusery Box but the same thing works for pretty much any nursery box. All I had to do was drill 3 holes into each side of the top. You can use a paper template or just attach the rods a few modules to get the correct spacing and then trace the rods outlines on the top of the box (which is what I did).
Then you just slide the rods in and you're done.

And after a few days: