19 October (I'm back)

A project log for Affordable Exoskeleton Arm (ExoArm)

An affordable Exoskeleton Arm (ExoArm), that will help elderly, disabled people and workers complete everyday tasks with less exhaustion.

Kristjan Berce 10/19/2017 at 12:020 Comments

I'm back and it's two days until the deadline. Which is funny. This summer was hectic and I honestly didn't have much time to sit behind computer and stare in the code while sipping 6th cup of coffee. What little time I had I've been experimenting with arm and I'm getting better and better responses from it. I also resorted to 3D printing because I'm at collage and don't have access to a workshop. All the parts will be designed in a way that they can also be made from wood or any other material.

To keep this short, in the time of making this project I came to few conclusions and what should be done to make this ExoArm better. I will make another Project Log where I'll talk about that.