DAK V1.1

A project log for Double Action Keyboard

A keyboard with double action functionality, designed to make typing easy and comfortable.

Jaakob LidauerJaakob Lidauer 08/09/2020 at 11:150 Comments

Here are some pictures of the latest double action keyboard V1.1. This keyboard is electrically almost identical to the V1.0, however, the mechanical design has been updated significantly. The case is manufactured out of sheet metal parts and the keyboard is wider and it has a fixed wrist rest. The wrist rest has a foam core to make it softer and more comfortable compared to the wooden wrist rest of the V1.0. Also, the joystick is mounted slightly higher than in the previous versions. The LEDs (for caps lock and FN-layer) have been positioned to the middle for better visibility. This keyboard has also an USB type-C connector.