Betty Loo ( coil gun )

High velocity coil gun(relative to coil guns).

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High velocity coil gun(relative to coil guns), power source is 14.4 lithium ion battery charging a 1.2KV 186uF capacitor bank using a xenon flash tube as a switch. it uses a relay to divert the fly back transformer output into the xenon flash tube in order to avalanche electrons into the coil and prevent back EMF when the voltage cuts off at 50ish volts. is uses a single coil and a magnetic screw to adjust the position of the projectile with respect to the coil. chronograph velocity of 2.5 gram, 2mm dia projectile averages 135 M/s at 1150v charge(takes 45 seconds to get that high). at the moment it is capable of blasting holes through a couple of beer cans and on into my hand, at the end i hope to penetrate 2mm aluminum plate, but i think i have a long way to go.


earlier version, crappy frame and crude trigger system, same guts less refined. chronograph test, video is crappy and audio is way off..

MPEG-4 Video - 1.89 MB - 03/27/2017 at 23:54


coil gun (2).3gp

later revision, same guts, some beer drinking and some beer can shooting with coil gun!

3gpp - 28.26 MB - 03/27/2017 at 23:31


charging circuit.pdf

charging and firing circuit

Adobe Portable Document Format - 47.87 kB - 03/26/2017 at 18:21


  • 1 × transformer 10:1 120/12v radio shack
  • 3 × capacitor 400v 560uF
  • 1 × barrel woven carbon fiber 8" 3/16 ID
  • 1 × barrel caseing pvc
  • 1 × project box radio shak brand

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