Eagle Grip

Robotic hand for aerial grasping.
Low cost, super quick, extremely light!

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Amazon Prime Air intends to use drone technology to delivery packages in 30 minutes or less. However, these drones require human help to load the packages. The system is not truly autonomous. Current UAV mounted grasping methods are slow, inaccurate and have specific environmental and geometric constraints. This ongoing project seeks to propose a solution to the UAV-based autonomous package delivery problem, by developing an adaptive robot hand to be mounted to such a platform. The robot hand aims to enable rapid pick up and drop off of the items on the move. The adaptive nature will ensure robustness of grasping regardless of shape, texture and geometry of the item. This will enable a completely autonomous UAV delivery system and will remove the need for external assistance to load the package. A moving central package storage system such as a truck could supply multiple drones while travelling.

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openInvent wrote 03/31/2017 at 03:54 point

Helium Bubble wrap is perfect for drones. I though I put it on openInvent but I also saw it on halfbakery I cannot post there anymore.

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