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A project log for Project Crow

A camera and Computer Vision to capture wildlife and pipe the data feed to a variety of endpoints including a dashboard and databases.

Brenda ArmourBrenda Armour 04/08/2017 at 12:540 Comments

I have both the SimpleLink CC3200 and the CC2650. Texas Instrument has an excellent write up of both that can be found here.

I recently received the CC3200 and it connected once to my phone. I thought it might be the batteries and decided to replace the two AAA batteries. Then it died:

So I'll continue to use the Bluetooth Version and tinker with the CC3200. It appears the top of the board rises when you push the User and Power button together to reset the SensorTag. I'm thinking this is the issue.

This Pi has a couple of roles to play in the project. The camera will capture images and return a description and tags from Computer Vision. This meta data will be stored in a database. The Pi will also connect to the SensorTag and return data for temperature, humidity and light in the enclosure.

Still a work in progress but here is the beta version of the dashboard:

Spring is almost upon us in Canada. The Seagulls have returned . I placed my Crowbot on the deck but again they are allusive. Also a small black bird has returned to the Island. I am not sure if these are are baby crows. Probably the best part of this project is to add a crow head and feathers and see if this bot can be accepted as a crow.