MPU6050 Dev Platform

A little box you can use to develop accelerometer products

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I built this little box mainly for fun but it served me as a platform on which i could learn about the MPU 6050. It has an Arduino Nano, a 1,8 TFT, MPU6050 Board and a Button.
Its compact and rugged with its 3D Printed case so It can be used anywhere to develop with it.
Its also almost fully modular incase something breaks.

Things I'm working on:
-Removing Gravity form readings
-Tell Speed and Distance accurately with Integration

I wrote a little GUI on it with that is controlled purely by the Accelerometer so no buttons required.

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Mark Hufe wrote 01/04/2020 at 18:23 point

I'm interested in how you are able to determine distance.

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Jon Rock wrote 03/28/2017 at 23:56 point

Nice project! In this screen, you show only graphics about the movement? If yes, how did you generate him? 

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caBattista wrote 03/31/2017 at 17:30 point

The graphics are made by using the setPixel function of the adafruit gfx library. The data from the sensor is the y position and the x position is incremented

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