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Gintaras ValatkaGintaras Valatka 06/20/2017 at 17:252 Comments

here was a in D.I.Y. Guitarist group

I thought it would be cool to share some videos on soldering NASA way I failed to grab the first response in full.. Mr Gerald Nees boasts about soldering since 60's.. here it goes: (NASA HAS NO SENSE)

The unraveling

Here comes the group Admin 'Bud' Johnny Cage

So I removed my post and left the group..

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The End

Looks like it is not the end, he blocked me from accessing his profile, but keeps sending messages and harassing me Facebook: gerald.nees.16


Gintaras Valatka wrote 06/30/2017 at 19:07 point

Thanks for reading, now days I seem to hit a brick wall everywhere I go, Lewisham council already treats me like a prisoner... Becoming homeless in less than a week.. All my projects will be put on hold :( 

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Morning.Star wrote 06/21/2017 at 05:57 point

Yuk, hard to dignify the internet with all the freedoms it has. That's why HaD is my only contact with it now, I've had way too many experiences like that elsewhere.

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