Circuit board problems

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Neopixel watch with accelerometer.

marcello-gravesMarcello Graves 05/08/2017 at 14:360 Comments

After reflowing the board, after some testing it dose not connect to the computer, I think it is due to cooling it down to quickly as I recall hearing some cracking noises when it was cooling down. believing this was the problem I soldered up another board, taking care not to let it cool down to quickly.

As i go and hook it up to the computer realizing I let my friend barrow my programmer over the week end I try to use a cheap one i had laying around but upon testing the programmer on a known to work arduino pro mini the programmer dose not not work. So I ordered a new one, came in a few days later. I hook up the new board and it dose not work!

So I test the neopixles by hooking up some test pins to the signal in on the neopixles from another arduino, they work fine.

hook up a arduino to the i2c line and it dose not work, could possible be the light sensor because it is square and the pin 1 marking is really hard to see so I could have gotten it backwords, going to desolder it and test the I2c lines again.