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A project log for OpenESpin

Building an Electrospinning machine for everyone.

Douglas MillerDouglas Miller 07/19/2017 at 16:290 Comments

After a few frustrating weeks I've finally got the build files ready and uploaded.

You can find them here or on the projects github page. They include a BOM and an assembly manual as well as all the STLs and DXFs needed. As a bonus you can get the laser cut files in either DXF or SVG formats, your choice. Personally, I'm using the SVG's. They seem to have come out cleaner than the DXF's. That's all because the original project was done using Corel Draw and 123D Design, and I was forced to move them over to Fusion 360. Not everything went smooth in the process, a product no doubt of my having no idea how Fusion 360 worked at the time. If you find anything that needs work in them PLEASE let me know and I'll try to get them fixed as fast as I can.

The Bill of Materials shows the cost to build one. It comes in at around $252 dollars. But that's buying everything new, and I'm sure you'll have some of it hidden in your shop somewhere. It also doesn't take into account the deals you can get online if you shop around. Some of that Ebay stuff is getting downright cheap. I tried to stay at the very top of what I could get things locally for, and the small town I'm in doesn't exactly have many places to shop. All of that should be good news as far as you building one cheaper.

A good part of the cost is in just the electronics. The Arduino Uno + gShield alone = $74.99, or 30% of the total. Add in two steppers and the power supply = $120.00 total. That's getting real close to half (48%) of the entire cost of the machine just right there.

Yet to do: Operations manual and firmware.

The firmware will be first, and hopefully within a week or two. It works now, but there's a few bugs I want to fix. I really want to take the time to do a little rewrite of it and straighten a few things out, plus there's a section that's not even needed anymore but will take a bit of work to get rid of without making something screw up somewhere else.

I'm sure the assembly manual will need some editing. It all looks good to me this morning, but it's most likely a bunch of gobbledygook that even I won't be able to make sense of in a week. Lol. Such is life. If you don't understand something, let me know and I'll try to rewrite that part of it.

Basically, I'm saying this is like version .05 or something like that. So take that into account, if you would.