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A project log for Virus Protection - Dummy File Method DFVP

Problem Virus removal and Virus Protection software is more of a resource hog than most Viruses Solution a dummy file in virus directory.

Ember LeonaEmber Leona 04/03/2017 at 02:171 Comment

A dummy file filling the remainder of a directory was created preventing everything from being installed this idea is not mine but may be of use.


Ember Leona wrote 04/03/2017 at 02:23 point

I read this idea to fill space of a pen drive to make it viruse proof. Having critical data on CDs or EEPROM flashed OS'es would also make virus installation more difficult. see it at

Heres how this project varies from that idea. DFVP has a useless files(chmod 0000) with common virus name installed into a directory where viruses are commonplace like all global system paths variables defined and system32 for example.

A better way to prevent viruses is with reserved keywords preventing filenames from being named the same name as a virus defined previously there are 17 million viruses so thats not feasible without destroying the filesystem

Unfortunately some viruses mimic system file names and are called in place of that system file imagine hijacking regedit.exe

To prevent binding files need two checksums an internal method self defined with an unknown has and arbitray variable name and another ch3cksUm variable that OS can compare to see if the executable had be infected ie corrupted or otherwise adulterated.

System specific executale prefixing will prevent another class of virus called argv[0]  

Future viruses will have to scan existing compiled assembly code to find a bunch of goto spaghetti coded asssembly operations to successfully operate. But that will leave a trail of many system files being run in procmonitor.

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