I came up with this idea, because years ago I liked to play CS. Now it's impossible. So I decided to make my own adjustable gaming platform. It will simplify making graphic too(like Photoshop, After Effects or Cinema 4D). I will realize all the work in two projects: Disabled / Quadriplegic Mouse Concept and Adjustable Gaming Platform.

This one - The Mouse will:

  • be 3d printed,
  • using old hardware,
  • have adjustable elements like handler or buttons levels,
  • simple to make for everyone.

I will try to make as many versions as I can imagine.

=== What it gives to the world?: ===

  • opportunity of fun for those, who dont have much,
  • bigger productivity for disabled in computer work,
  • TIME (Disabled are very slow, because every moment they fight with their body. Any saved second is very precious. ).