Yellowstone Seismic Noise Is A Composite Of Many Discrete Events

A project log for Device for Seismic Noise Analysis

Could a digital device to analyze the statistics of the magnitude and 3-D origins of seismic noise predict some local earthquakes?

Michael DoodyMichael Doody 04/12/2020 at 02:570 Comments

Plots of the moving average of the seismic noise probability data seem to show that the noise comes in discrete clusters of abnormal statistics. The following plot is a 10 second moving average of the 1 second combined noise probability data points. Click or double click on the image to see more detail.

Here is the compass direction of 24 hours of noise 3D magnitude in +/- degrees from North.  East is to the left. North is 0 degrees and South is either + or - 180 degrees.  Much of the noise originates from the West, with a strong concentration along the North/South axis. The device is roughly 70 miles Northwest of the center of Yellowstone lake.