A new meditation focus mechanism

A project log for BreatheDot: A Portable Meditation Aid

A small battery-powered meditation aid to keep you focused and refreshed wherever you go. - Available on Tindie!

ben-limBen Lim 12/23/2021 at 10:440 Comments

I experimented with a few potential focus images, and the one that I liked best is this:

Each quadrant represents what to do and it is very soothing for the eye to go in a circle. Before this I also tried it being a line and a sine wave that bounced back and forth, but those did not really work out. However I have high hopes for this particular design, especially since the LEDs are a bit clearer about when to move through each stage.

Also added a keychain hole that was missing from earlier editions. However, this means that the BreatheDot 2 is larger ~ 32mm across.