We developed custom Alexa Skill with invocation name `chotu`. User can interact with this skill as if interacting to personal assistant, e.g.,


User: "Alexa, Ask Chotu, to turn on coffee maker for 10 minutes"

Assistant: "Okay, keeping coffee maker on for 10 minutes"


User: "Alexa, Ask Chotu, to apply for leave"

Assistant: "From when"

User: "From tomorrow"

Assistant: "For what duration"

User: "For 2 days"

Assistant: "Okay, leave application sent successfully"

Software Used:

  1. Raspbian OS
  2. AWS IoT for device management
  3. Amazon Alexa for voice interactions
  4. Alexa custom Skill and Lambda function for backend processing
  5. Google Calender integration for meeting booking and email notifications

Working Demonstration: