Is that even legal?? (receiver prototype)

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An Arduino based pocket-sized bluetooth controller for your electric longboard (or else)

elmametoelmameto 04/04/2017 at 15:120 Comments

This morning I've been working on a receiver board. This is the first prototype so, unlike the transmitter, it's meant to work at 5V. This way you can use your onboard BEC without any other electronics.

The board features:

Remember that this is a (working) prototype. The final board will be much smaller and thinner, as everything will be SMD.

You can find the board design on GitHub

Just finished carving the board. Went like a charm. 10% of the time carving, 25% drilling, 65% milling it out.

The board mounts an HC-06 BT module. You can also use an HC-05, but you have to configure it first, since I forgot the prepare the board for the AT-MODE pin...

Way better than a perf board...

The real surprise? It worked first shot.

For real.

I mean, I plugged it in and it worked. Is that even legal??