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A lightweight and simple devboard for ESP8266-12 with 2.54mm breadboard pinout and works with 1V-5.5V batteries

Johan WestlundJohan Westlund 01/01/2018 at 22:111 Comment

Long time, no update... But I have slowly made some progress. I finished the design before the summer but then let it rest for a bit. Then after the summer I started to look into ordering PCBs and components. QFN and 0402 are not funny to solder by hand.

So I looked more and more into PCBA services.

Found some different companies, but most of them required a lot of work or money to produce my boards. Then I found and sent them the gerber and BOM files. They where very helpful in the process of deciding amounts, finding components and other stuffs. After some emails and payment they produced 50 units. 25 for me and 25 for their online shop so everyone here can buy one if they want:

Now I got 25 to test together with a friend and will update more when there is smoke ;) and testing.


Johan Westlund wrote 01/01/2018 at 23:56 point

@Elecrow Thank you for the help :)

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