Canary: extra sensory input

This project adds input to humans through sensors, wireless communication, and haptic feedback

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There's many ways that 99% of the population interacts with the world around us. Most of those decisions are made after careful analysis of what's going on. So what happens when you don't get that input? This project is aimed at replacing missing senses, and enabling others that we don't normally have.

-Being able to "read" an audiobook continuously
-A blind person being able to know the current lumens, UV, and read ranges to objects nearby
-A deaf person "reading" the signals from a DSP sensor
-A deaf and blind person "reading" a text
-Law enforcement being able to "hear" radio chatter and get detailed info without looking away from the situation

The main feedback from this device is haptic feedback on the arm and hand through Morse Code or Braille. These settings are configurable for the user. Modules would extend the inputs available.


This is the proof of concept Arduino code for the "Additional Sensory Input" v1

ino - 3.82 kB - 03/29/2017 at 18:29


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