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SD card secure RAID USB storage

Nick SayerNick Sayer 06/07/2018 at 15:280 Comments

I made a video a while ago testing the idea of whether with only two seals applied to the case you could still slide the middle layers out to get to the board. It turns out, you couldn't because the button gets in the way.

In that video, I didn't have the captive nuts installed, and it turns out that those too would prevent a lot of movement without lifting the top layers up (which the seals would prevent).

But to make it even better, I believe I am now going to recommend gluing the top two layers of acrylic together for best security. The bottom two layers aren't necessary to glue because the knurled portion of the captive nuts extends through both of them. But turning the top two layers into a solid unit means that the only hope to get to the erase pin would be getting enough of a gap in the middle to fish a wire in. As long as the seals are applied tightly, that ought to be really difficult.