VCF East & Configuration

A project log for NetPi-IDE

Low cost IDE/PATA disk emulator using a RPi Zero that also brings wireless networking to vintage computers.

alanhAlanH 04/10/2017 at 19:010 Comments

While on the road-trip to VCF East, I was able to rough-in a basic config file parser in straight C. It loads the file line-by-line unchanged from disk while extracting relevant information. Once a config utility is completed, the loaded config file content will be updated in memory by pattern substitution. This way, user comments, white space, and formatting will be mostly preserved even if the daemon has to rewrite the file. I finished and tested the config file edits when I got home and things seem to be working well. Changes are pushed!

There wasn't a lot of diverse machines I could test with at VCF-East. But I did gather some contact info of people willing to test and even code on non-x86 platforms. I'll include them in this months board build and distribution. My goal this coming weekend is to finish the redirector (functional but not bug free).