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A project log for Safety Glasses With B.T. Display for Multimeter

A safety glasses with a bluetooth enabled head mounted oled Display, to diplay data from your measuring device right into your view field.

Alain MauerAlain Mauer 05/09/2017 at 18:014 Comments

A few small modifications and it will work perfectly. The picture focuses exactly so that the image is clear and sharp. As reflector inside I used a small pieces of a cd box.


Morning.Star wrote 05/10/2017 at 09:42 point

That's shrunk in size a bit, nice. Its beginning to become unobtrusive with the emitter getting smaller, it wont matter at all as the technology develops.

I have to wear glasses and have taken to wearing a Jewellers Loupe for a lot of work. I've got used to looking around it, and it doesnt seem to affect depth perception as much as I expected. Does your screen still fit to the side and display through a transparent reflector as in the first version?

It would be very useful to have this technology inside magnifiers and headsets, because eg switching between a SMD board and a computer screen, scope, meter etc for reference while working with it is really bad for your eyes.

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Alain Mauer wrote 05/10/2017 at 10:18 point

Yes, the 0.49 inch screen is now at a distance of +-45mm from the lens. I will not use a plastic mirror this time, because of the ghost effect. I just used a small piece of acrylic plastic as reflector for the 45 degree angle. I need now to modify the software to mirror the output. But here is the picture quality much better and it can be used in bright areas and outside.
I will put all the details here as I progress in my work
Regards Alain

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deʃhipu wrote 05/10/2017 at 08:09 point

That really looks sweet!  And it's much smaller than I expected!

The google glass did a bit of a false start on this, but I really hope this will eventually become more common (and more convenient).

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Alain Mauer wrote 05/10/2017 at 09:14 point

Yes it´s going to be smaller. But you know beween the Idea and the result ... :) . And even that you have it in front of your view, the construction itself is nearly invisible. For the moment I make a new design to make it more adjustable. It will go forward step by step but I have a self placed deadline for ScottCar and so I work on both projects. Regards Alain

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