It's a-LIFE

A project log for Gigatron TTL microcomputer

"Just because", a home computer that runs without a microprocessor

Marcel van KervinckMarcel van Kervinck 05/01/2018 at 00:311 Comment

The real progress is that this was loaded as a precompiled *.gt1 file. Gt1 is the newly defined object file format for vCPU programs. The code running, life3.gt1 was created by at67 on the other side of the world using his own assembler and tested in an emulator. This is my test to see if the file can be loaded and executed on actual hardware, and it works! So we now have a standard for exchanging Gigatron programs!


Dylan Brophy wrote 05/01/2018 at 03:05 point

This is sweet!

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