NanoHubs are on now

A project log for Nanohub - tiny USB 2.0 and 3.0 hubs!

Need an extra USB port but a regular hub doesn't fit? Try my Nanohub!

muxmux 03/31/2017 at 08:230 Comments

By popular request - sorry that it took so long! - I finally added my NanoHub project to Hackaday. I've been blogging about and selling these little hubs for almost half a year now, but something was missing - you!

See, I don't really derive much pleasure from selling electronics. I made this open source and keep supporting the project because I viscerally enjoy supporting hacking projects. Unfortunately, I really don't get much feedback via my store - really, all the messages I get are either "When will my nanohub get delivered?" or "when are the nanohubs back in stock?". Not saying that buyers aren't totally in their right to ask me that, but I would like some more... you know, pictures of projects incorporating the nanohub, feedback on stuff that could be more convenient, etc. I want my projects to be alive!

So thanks to all the people who already liked this project even though it's less than 12 hours old and happy hacking!