7-port NanoHub now available!

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Need an extra USB port but a regular hub doesn't fit? Try my Nanohub!

muxmux 10/25/2017 at 06:492 Comments

By popular (2 people :-P) request, I've made a 7-port tiny USB hub. This one uses a slightly different approach for the eyelet pattern than the previous ones. Take a look at it:

Instead of in-line eyelets, I have staggered the holes to create a 1.27mm pattern. This in turn means you can use regular old 1.27mm ribbon cable or even connectors to interface the hub. Should make it just a little bit easier to solder the slightly ridiculous amount of ports on this hub. 

The hub is 19.5x17.5mm and 1.6mm thick - roughly equivalent to the 2-port USB 3.1 hub.


l.priami wrote 10/23/2019 at 21:28 point

We try to integrate this board in our electronics. At the first test directly on a PC, the Device manager say: " USB device unknown". May be it need some specific drivers? Thanks for help.

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Kyle Combes wrote 08/04/2018 at 22:09 point

Hi, I'm looking to incorporate a 7-port USB hub into a PCB for a robotics project at school. Would you be willing to share the schematic for this board? Thanks!

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