Water Bottle Sized

A project log for NAVI - "Hey, listen!"

Pocket Sized, 3d Printable, Coaxial Scout Drone

GlytchGlytch 04/18/2017 at 19:360 Comments

I have been working more on getting NAVI's parts printed and assembled. This is a rather tedious build, with lots of small tweaks that need to be made, so most of the work isnt worth writing a log about, but I'm definitely still working on NAVI! Here's a more recent image (however not indicative of its current progress) of NAVI, compared to a tape measure and average 28oz double wall water bottle.

You can also see the NCR18650B cell-based 4s pack I'm putting together to power this bird.

Anyways, just a quick little update. Hoping for a test flight this weekend :)