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A project log for NAVI - "Hey, listen!"

Pocket Sized, 3d Printable, Coaxial Scout Drone

GlytchGlytch 07/19/2017 at 22:040 Comments

This will likely be the last project log prior to the end of the Wings Wheels and Walkers contest. The hardware is pretty much ready for a spin up test, and depending on how that goes, Ill fit the flight controller and try a flight test. However it has been exceedingly hot outside here lately, and I dont feel comfortable testing this inside, so I'm not sure Ill be able to test it before the 24th.

I will get a video put together today or tomorrow, explaining the mechanism (at least as well as I can) and point out a few things that still need worked on.

Anyway, good luck to all entries in the Hackaday Prize :)