PI scripting cluster

Open event-based platform for Raspberry PI cluster control

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This project aims at building a software stack for easy scripting on a cluster of Raspberry PIs, using an event-based distributed approach.

In general, it will be possible to define a chain of events and commands from one board to another, so a button in one pi could light a led in another with ease.

This will be a building block for more interesting concepts, such as connecting cross network and integrating with other softwares.

In a pseudo-code:

listen({fromNode: "pi0", event: "gpio_change",:gpio 2,:value 1},function(event){
sendCommand({toNode:"pi1",command: "light_led_1"});

listen({toNode: "pi1", command: "light_led_1"},function(event){

The event, commands and scripts would be available every pi of the cluster and the change will reflect on all of them.

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    Step 1

    Download the binary from

    wget -O esc
  • 2
    Step 2

    Create your scripting folder:

    mkdir files
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    Step 3

    Start the server:

    ./esc -iface wlan

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