The idea here derives from my websites always being hacked so I want to control my own internet I say.... F the INTERNET then. Internet should be like minecraft - cool.

I want to kill advertisements for like hack and slash pay per click bonuses and while u could put qr codes on blocks I want my own logo to smash click links.

---------- more ----------

Now since everyone downloads a copy of the page they look at why I can I make a plugin for firefox to access this cache or share it via torrent.

TorrentDNS would totally change web experiences and your website could be zipped up and shared across the web. This is a simple site I want to zip up with owners permission or

The idea is furthered Kick-AWESomed by adding video links and educational material. IMO minecraft might be the webBrowser of the future.

I like websites like

I propose a new public domain  QR code like AR symbol set (Augment Reality) which I call OI tokens see and these can be used for soundFont libraries or instrument packs or music palletes in game.

New video games would be like customizable XML files where players can alter the graphics on their own computers by simply loading xml repos of gameart. I totally support and other fan art sites.

In short If the website is stuck at one place its an easy hack but if its shared on PCs and hash-checked for integrity then hacking websites may be a thing of the past. Especially if you add variable renamers and timed filerenamers to obscure the sitemap and PHP.

perhaps there is a way to flashGot or mget the whole website like quadSucker? or Maybe will help provide their data and methods from web snapshots like the internet wayback machine which I just discovered (days ago sept 2k18)

See for other code ideas.

So proposed are these file extensions and keywords





.ftm file type manager




HSPPP = Hack and $lash Pay Per Click

PPP = Periphery Password Protocol is a website for this

VirtualLR - Virtual Living Room a way to chat alongside videos using ventrilo or teamspeak and/or VLC Viewer streams and plugins I registered this for avatars that picoTTS your chats (Text To Speech)