Working with the Ludus ProtoShield

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Ryan BeltránRyan Beltrán 04/12/2017 at 22:410 Comments

First entry here we go!

Ok so we're swapping our old designs and moving towards using UNO type boards with a shield of some sort. We like the ludus protoshield because it already has an h-bridge so that we can swap polarities of the electrodes (a practice that should reduce the amount of gunk buildup on the electrodes). The TB6612FNG H Bridge, is rated up to 1.2A per channel at 13V but the guide recommend using less than 0.8 amps to keep from overheating. I'm using a 12VDC 600mA Power Supply Power Supply.

So the goal is to utilize this ludus protoshield to send power to electrodes for 20-30 seconds then swap polarity. This should repeat indefinitely until we program a way to control intervals and overall time via an app or dials etc. If we can accomplish this with minimal wiring/soldering/parts this could save time and dinero for all those who want to participate.

Skematics for Ludus ProtoShield