1/23/18 (WATERBOYZ)

A project log for Coagulator Kit - Season 2

Advancing DIY Water Purification with Students & Citizen Scientists Around the Globe.

WaterBoyzWaterBoyz 01/24/2018 at 17:460 Comments

The members of our engineer group have started the tests for the arduino project with the question of exactly how many pollutants can be cleaned out of the water. The group used a TDS meter to measure the total amount of dissolved solids in the water. To make sure results were accurate, the team used this method before and after each arduino test to track progress.

Some of our team members spent time to cut out felt pieces to create a flag for the project. The flag has the project logo and a symbol of the earth on it.

Two of our team members, JT Garcia and Holden Philippus, have been spending their time photographing the process of each group during this project. They are using the photos they take to post to a website another team member Josh Sabatino is working on.