Twitch Powered Tiara

a tiara that lights up using chat commands on Twitch

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The tiara is 3D printed (headband, crystals, and microcontroller case).
It's run by an ESP8266 breakout + LiPo battery.

You can type commands into Twitch such as `tiara on`, `tiara off`, `tiara red` or even hex colours like `tiara #00ff00`.

There is a short Youtube video here with an early code example (it's been DRY'd up since): I wrote the code live on Twitch, and then my viewers tested it for me!

It connects to an MQTT broker and listens for incoming messages. I have set up a NodeJS app which listens to the Twitch chat channel, and reacts when there are tiara commands coming through from viewers. It will dispatch a message to the tiara via the MQTT broker to change the colour. The NodeJS app is hosted remotely in the cloud.

The code and 3D files are on Github here: https://gith

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