Two more FPGA CPU bug fixes

A project log for TMS9900 compatible CPU core in VHDL

Retro challenge 2017/04 project to create a TMS9900 compatible CPU core. Again in a month... Failure could be an option...

erik-piehlErik Piehl 09/24/2018 at 19:460 Comments

Already second project update for the day! I added way more test cases to run through more instructions.

Now testing includes instructions ANDI, CB, SB, AB, XOR,  INC, DEC, SLA, SRA, SRC, MOV, MOVB, SOCB, SZCB and X instruction comparisons in addition to the earlier tests for A, S, SOC, SZC, DIV, MPY, C, NEG and SRL instructions. 

These were good additions, as I found two more bugs with CPU flags: the CB instruction did not set parity correctly, and the ABS instruction did not set overflow flag at all. I fixed those two, interestingly CB instruction sets parity according to source data byte instead of ALU subtract output, so that needed special casing. I suspect in the original TMS9900 there is only one parity generation circuit and it is sampled at a different time, I simply added a 2nd parity calculation.

After fixing these two bugs now the problem I had has disappeared, so now PRINT 1*-1 returns -1. I suspect this must be the ABS bug fix that helped. 

I guess these fixes mean I need more test cases, since I am sure there are more bugs.