A Raspberry Pi ZERO W turned into a GPS run tracking, Spotify streaming machine.

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A Raspberry Pi ZERO W GPS run tracking device that can also stream your favourite Spotify playlist while you workout.

About a year or so ago, Pebble technology announced a kickstarter for their new "Pebble Core" a tiny 3G enabled activity tracker that would stream music while you ran. I thought it was a really neat idea, but unfortunately the Pebble Core doesn't look like it will ever become available. So instead I decided to build my own version of the core.

When complete TuneTrackr should:

  • stream a selected spotify playlist when the play button is clicked
  • be able to skip forward to next track (button somewhere on palm of hand so is easily accessible)
  • should expose a web interface to select/create playlists
  • start logging GPS to a file when the GPS session button is clicked
  • When a GPS session is stopped, it should convert the file to .GPX and upload it to my account
  • It should have a small OLED display to show useful information, like:
    • 3G modem signal strength
    • Do I have a GPS fix
    • What song is currently playing
    • What is my average running pace
  • It should be small and light enough to wear on the wrist.
Other features being considered:
  • wireless charging
  • pulse rate montior
  • Make it as water proof as possible (it rains a lot in the U.K.)


first draft of wiring

fzz - 116.49 kB - 04/01/2017 at 16:50


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  • OLED display integration

    Shaun Mulligan04/07/2017 at 10:20 0 comments

    Today I got my hands on this awesome little 128x32 i2c OLED screen from Adafruit, so now the goal is to try use the luma.oled library to try show the currently playing spotify song and maybe whether we have a GPS fix or not.

    With a little bit of work, I have some cool "font awesome" icons and scrolling song name that updates the song name every 5 seconds. The code is still super sketchy and I need to look into allowing the song name to be updates as it changes.

    It also looks like I might wanna make a simple menu system to switch between display modes. Mode #1 would display current music state, and #2 would display GPS fix, 3G signal and current pace.

    Here is a shot of the Screen running on start up.

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sogseal wrote 04/04/2017 at 10:56 point

Great find, Made my morning! Good job man.

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