Soldering - Part 2.

A project log for LED Matrix Watch

Wrist watch with monochromatic 16X16 LED Matrix inspired by retro LED watches of 70s and 80s.

MileMile 07/02/2017 at 19:010 Comments

After some time off it's time to continue this project. Since last update i was left with soldering led matrix. Plan was to use custom ss stencil to hold LEDs in place while heating them with hot air station, but it didn't work(kind off). Since stencil was chemically made(etched) holes at the edges of stencil weren't big enough to fit LEDs so i had to improvise. Basically i mounted only one LED for each segment and shorted other one. This means that there are now 256 LEDs on PCB. Next step is to assemble the module, see how matrix looks under diffuser, test and improve the design. Here is the video and some pictures of the process: