How to find the distance between dots

A project log for Raspberry Pi-based SmartZoom Imaging

Using a laser rangefinder, distance from camera is calculated and display of image is zoomed in or out dependantly 04/10/2017 at 14:020 Comments

Using this guide I should be able to find one brightest spot. Extrapolating this code to include the second brightest or equally bright spot shouldn't be too hard.... :P

Laser precision does not have to be perfect. As long as the beams are shooting in the same direction and do not intersect, and they remain equally distant from each other, it should be fine.

Alignment will be adjusted by external thumbscrews. I haven't worked these into the housing yet but will come soon.

Calibration will be done measuring the distance between dots at set intervals, or by using a template and recording the distance from the finder when the dots match up with the template of concentric triangles. The key is that the dots are roughly equidistant to each other.