Testing the WORKING of AutoWats (WATCH VIDEOS FULLY)

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Siddhant ChoyalSiddhant Choyal 06/12/2017 at 12:010 Comments

AutoWats LCD + APP working DEMO:

1. I'll be putting Planti in one of those cases you see in the right.

2. I''ll also be using one of those 2 solar panels.

3. I did not use the ESP8266 module for the time being and instead used the HC-06 bluetooth module....I Can also use the ESP module.....but due to lack of time whivh was caudes by the late arrival of my order.....I didn't get time to instlall, flast and uodate the firmware of ESP module....I'll surely be using ESP in the FUTURE UPDATATES...thanks a tonne all ...LUV U ALL 'MAKERS' and 'HACKERS'.

4. I have add a protection to Tapo for increasing it's durability.

*There was an error in the app and the 'Soil Stats' label wasn't getting updated...I have fixed the error in my latest apk can download it in the files section



The End of THIS LOG.....more to go....


*Just for fun project: FARTING CHAIR [And yea That's me! :) ]

Happy April Fool's Day Hackers! (belated)