Prototypes received and software updates to v0.2.1

A project log for Gamegirl Part II: Back in the Game

The sequel to one of the most popular projects of Hackaday Prize 2016.

rodneyRodney 06/06/2017 at 03:031 Comment

We received the prototypes little over a week ago. Though there were some issues with the PCB manufacturer as they used two of the wrong parts. The FPC connector they used is a bottom contact and we require a top contact, they used a latching switch instead of a momentary, and they didn't include the metal dome buttons. Really don't know how they used the wrong parts as I made sure to list every single part number and posted a link to a datasheet, I even did that to the 0 ohm resistors.

Another issues was that the reference schematic for the soft-shutdown was incorrect. The MOSFET's were mirrored (Source & Drain swapped). I should have caught that and a manual fix will need to be implemented on the current batch.

Software updates to utilize the MCP23S17 has been started. Check out the sample code here:

Kivutar has updated the lakka gamegirl image to the latest updates of LibreElec to support the Zero W wifi driver and added support to call a safe shutdown to the system through RetroArch to properly halt before shutdown 'echo -n "SHUTDOWN" | nc -u -w1 55355'.


James Hall wrote 06/06/2017 at 15:58 point

Very cool!

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