A project log for Notes on Using SystemWorkbench with STM32 BluePill

I finally succumb to IDE madness... for awhile.

Al WilliamsAl Williams 04/03/2017 at 12:300 Comments


2. Install CubeMX from the ST web site into Eclipse.

3. You must have ST-Link 2 or 2-1 for this board. Appears to not work with ST-Link 1 even though other tools can handle that.

4. CubeMX has a bug if you use PLL clock. In SystemClock_Config the line should look like this: RCC_OscInitStruct.OscillatorType = RCC_OSCILLATORTYPE_HSE;

5. The settings for OpenOCD are hardwired into .custom.cfg in your project directory when you create the configuration. So if you ever change anything, it looks like you have to nuke or edit that file.

6. IMPORTANT: the debugger won't work until you change the openOCD config to use: reset_config trst_only. The defaults will NOT work.

7. If you have the BOOT jumpers set for boot load, debugging will appear to work. However, you will get the bootloader stackpointer which is is a very small stack and may overlay your C library data. This will lead to strange and unpredictable behavior.

8. If you install eGit, you get Git integration.

9. If you install the TM Terminal, you can have a terminal inside the IDE. It supposedly supports serial, but on Ubuntu, the RXTX configuration is hosed. Instead of fixing it, I run a shell terminal and run picocom inside of it. Works fine.